Ramatuelle (2115 inhabitants, 36 sq.m.)

Built against the hills, Ramatuelle faces out on a panoramic view of the Bay of Pampelonne. The village is encircled by ramparts and you can see the pink tile rooftops and the ancient stone houses lined along the narrow streets. The cultural life in Ramatuelle is particularly rich. There are renowned jazz and classical music festivals and excellent theatre. Many foreigners have fallen in love with this area and have made it their holiday residence.

Areas of Ramatuelle:

  • Ramatuelle Village
  • L’Oumède / Jaffret / Val de Pons / Val des Tournels
  • Pampelonne (Les Moulins / Les Tamaris / Les Barraques / Bonne Terrasse)
  • Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Cap Camarat


Ramatuelle Village

Ramatuelle village is a picturesque medieval town with narrow townhouses composed of three to four levels. Some of them provide the typical roof terrace from which you can overlook the countryside. Few of them shelter a charming, small patio or garden surrounded by neighboring houses or old ramparts.


L’Oumède / Jaffret / Val de Pons / Val des Tournels

These areas are surrounded by nature. Below the old village of Ramatuelle they often allow charming views over the countryside with its vineyards, some places even give distant view towards Pampelonne beach. The properties shelter spacious houses in traditional provencal style on large lands with old pine, palm and olive trees. Nowadays also some contemporary construction can be found.


Pampelonne (Les Moulins / Les Tamaris / Les Barraques / Bonne Terrasse)

These areas are close to the beach of Pampelonne with its famous restaurants like Club 55, Nikki Beach and Key West. Strolling on the sandy Pampelonne beach (5 km) is a pleasure all year round. In summer time the water laced with beautiful yachts and sailing boats dandling on the turquoise water. Properties in these areas show a residential character often on a private, sometimes gated domain. The houses are close to each other, but assume nevertheless privacy and holiday feeling often with breath-taking sea view.


Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Cap Camarat

These areas are along the rocky beaches of Ramatuelle. They are less crowded than Pampelonne beach and are attractive because of their varied natural settings. During off-season many houses are closed, but recently more and more people stay also during spring and autumn. These areas are in high demand as older houses are being renovated.

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